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natural organic ingredients
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The menu may look familiar with eggs benedict, crispy bacon, plate-sized blueberry flapjacks and golden brown home fries just to name of few...

But our coffee is fair trade, our breads and breakfast contain local, organic ingredients and everything is just like homemade, we cook it from scratch. Fresh ingredients mean seasonal dishes such as tomato basil bread in the summer and pumpkin pancakes throughout the fall.

We offer fresh baked goods on a daily basis. And “good” for you doesn’t mean “diet” - our hearty breakfast get the job done!

We offer organic fruits and vegetables purchased from local farmers and are carefully prepared to lock in healthy vitamins. We use “all natural” milk from a local dairy farmer, fresh squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juices and “farm fresh” organic eggs that are delivered 3-4 days from when the chicken lays them.  MORE

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